Laurene Aday is a fourth year student majoring in Human Biology from Eleanor Roosevelt College, UCSD.

Cinthia Agredano is a third year student at UCSD. She is currently majoring in Political Science Public law with a double minor in African American Studies and Ethnic Studies.

Brianna Brawley is a third year undergraduate at UC San Diego studying Ethnic Studies and minoring in Political Science. Her current honors research involves utilizing a Black Queer geography to study replications of slave ship geographies in our society, and questioning how to move past these confinements through coalition politics.  

Dr. Theodora Dryer from the AI Now Institute at New York University is a technology and computing historian and STS scholar. Her work focuses on artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision systems used in militarism, water policy, and agriculture. She engages questions of environmental and climate justice surrounding these systems in regional and global contexts. 

Rudy Fabunan is a PhD student in the Evolutionary Biology program at San Diego State University. He studies plant adaptation to heat. 

Asia Feiss is a PhD student in Communication and Science Studies at UCSD. Her research focuses on how assistive and wearable technologies for high performance athletes allow for alternative understandings of bodies in motion and produce potentials for resisting ideas of bodily standardization. 

Bernice Garcia-Gutierrez is a third year student at UCSD and is a first generation student. She is majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Law and is minoring in International Migration Studies. She is focusing her research on borders and the social implications of policing undocumented bodies.  

Paola Godinez is a 5th year undergraduate student at UCSD, majoring in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience with a Minor in Ethnic Studies. She is interested in pursuing Ethnic Studies and studying transitions in the Latino/a educational pipeline.

Mariana Gomez Hernandez is a third year Sociocultural Anthropology major at the University of San Diego, California. Her research interests include immigration studies and the mental health of immigrant communities.

Amy Hoang is a Literatures in English and Clinical Psychology double major. She is working on a senior thesis about Vietnamese-American literature and, under the mentorship of her lab PI, a scientific review article on severe and enduring anorexia nervosa. 

Drew Kerr is a first year PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at UC San Diego.  He seeks to investigate how and where communities amplify voices that have been routinely forgotten or actively ignored by government, humanitarian, or scholarly interventions.  His research is based in Indian-controlled Kashmir.  

Lilliana Lopez is a 2nd year Ethnic Studies major with a minor in Education Studies.  

Andrea Magaña-Escobar is a 3rd year student at UCSD who is studying international business with a double minor in accounting and Chicano/Latino Arts and Humanities.

Corey Metcalfe is a first-year PhD student in the Communication department. His research focuses on analog games and the use of ludic elements to communicate lived experiences.

Vivian Ojeda is a psychology major at UC San Diego. She is minoring in chicanx/latinx studies, and her interests relate to both these fields. 

Henry Pham-Tran is a third year Ethnic Studies and Cognitive Science Double Major. His passion is in the study of intergenerational trauma and the role it plays in the marginalization of refugee communities. 

Elizabeth Quepones earned an MS in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington and a BA in Communications and Psychology from UC San Diego. She’s a former transborder student and professional from San Ysidro, currently pursuing a career in User Experience (UX) Research.  

Litzy Ramriez-Quezada is a third year student studying Political Science with a focus in Public Policy and a minor in Urban Studies & Planning. Litzy has lived in San Diego their whole life and coming from a family with mixed-immigration status, has always been interested and passionate about immigration issues. 

Crystal Romero is a senior in the Communication department, who is interested in the impact of technologies on undocumented students in higher education.

Siddhi Salunke is a junior at UCSD double majoring in Political Science and Global Health. Her research interests include conflict and health infrastructures, with a focus on how state-perpetrated violence affects health care.

Udayan Tandon is a first year PhD Student in Computer Science. His research interests lie in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), specifically, Participatory Design. His current research revolves around technical platforms being designed, developed and maintained by government entities. I’m focused on figuring out how can publicly funded technical platforms be more inclusive and the potential for community participation in their design and deployment. 

Giselle Vincent is a 3rd year Political Science major with a minor in Ethnic Studies. She is currently a Social Justice Educator Intern at UCSD’s Cross-Cultural Center and is interested in making change through policy in the education system as well as in her community.